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Small and Easy to carry
High Capacity Portable Power Station


The 12-36V portable power station is Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)Battery
with compatible SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)battery housing.


1. The AC output of the camping battery has been upgraded to 110V/330W(Peak 700W).

2. It features 3* USB-A ports, and 1*Type-C and DC carport to power many types of equipment such as phones, laptops, lights, fans, mini coolers, and so on with a pure sine wave inverter.

3. 12V DC Ports: 2*DC 12V/5A and 1*DC 12V/10A.

Maxworld portable power station
QC 3.0 USB
0 %
QC 2.0 USB
0 %
Normal Charge


0 %


Charging more devices at the same time-faster More Efficient
3*QC3.0 USB 1*type-C Port

IphoneX (2716mah)
27 Recharges

Iраd мini (23.8 wh)
11.5 Rесhаrgеs

Gopro Hero5 (4.9wh)
56 Recharges

Mini Fan (2000mah)
37 Recharges


MODEL Max330 Max500 Max1000
Rated power 330W 500W 1000W
Rated capacity 288.6WH 519WH 799.2WH
Standard capacity 3.7V/78000
Overload protection 360±20W 530±20W 1040±30W
Ac output 240V±10%
Output waveform pure sine wave
USB output QC3.0/18W
Output Type-C QC3.0/60W PD60W PD60W
Lighter output 12V/10A 14V/8A 14V/8A
DC55*2.1 output 12V/5A 14V/8A 14V/8A
Wireless charger 5W 10W 10W
Charging input voltage 12-24V 12-26V 12-26V
Working temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃
(net weight)
≈3.3kg ≈4.8kg ≈6kg
(including accessories)
≈4.3kg ≈5.8kg ≈7kg
Product size 205*155*165
LED light Super Brightness LED Panel
Design Extreme Compact Powerful Design
Built-in Battery 100% A Grade Lithium battery
Cycle life above 800times
Charging Mode CC/CV
Output port Custom accordingly to different countries
Operation Humidity 10%~90%
Built-in Perfect MPPT function
Various Colour options red, orange, yellow, blue, purple
Power Indicator LED Display
Protection type Intelligent BMS selif-balancing system
Cooling function Intelligent Cooling system
Include Full Productions Short Circuit, Overload, over charge, over current, over voltage, over discharge, over temp protections, Anti-protections
(AC output standard American gauge, Japanese gauge support custom China gauge,European, Australian, etc.)
Accessories Brown paper and yellow box
The charger
1* car charger cable
Solar charging wire
User guide
Packing specification Single machine packing color box 295*195*210
mm Outer dimensions of finished large cartons: length, width and height 615*410*250
mm Four in a box 20GP:1620PCS 40GP:3420PCS
The color box is 380mm long, 262mm wide and 258mm high Outer dimensions of finished large cartons: length, width and height 540*397*286
mm, B: Two in a box 20GP:800PCS 40GP:1760PCS
The color box is 380mm long, 262mm wide and 258mm high Outer dimensions of finished large cartons: length, width and height 540*397*286
mm, B: Two in a box 20GP:800PCS 40GP:1760PCS


Comparing to similar portable electric generators, Maxworld portable generator possesses 78000mAh/288.6Wh power capacity.

Maxworld solar portable power generator can be fully recharged in 5-8H from the sun with a compatible 100W solar panel (not included). With a built-in MPPT solar charge controller, it can be charged efficiently. The portable power source can be fully charged in only 5-6 hours by being plugged into a wall outlet. With a car charger, you can fully charge battery backup by car socket in 7-8H. There are other flexible recharging ways like generators.

1. The top of the camping generator is designed as a wireless charger which means you can use our camping battery as a wireless charger.
2. Updated LED light with SOS mode, large irradiation area, and radial light ray feature can protect eyes and Illuminate a broad field of vision.
3. Silica gel anti-collision strip protects portable power station generator all-round.
4. solid handle helps easy carry and easy operate wherever you go.
5. Pure sine wave inverter safely protect the electronic device.

With a pure lithium battery and pure sine wave inverter, Maxworld portable CPAP generator works faster, quieter, and more stable. Without gasoline or toxic fumes, a camping portable power generator is entirely healthy &eco-friendly. Battery Management System (BMS) provides temperature control, voltage control &more excellent safety operation to protect your devices.

About this item

You will receive 1* Maxworld 330Wh Portable Power Station, 1* car charger cable, 1* charger, 1* solar charging wire, 1* user guide, 2 year customer service. For a better customer experience, we will optimize the product from time to time. 


Reliable and Powerful Backup Power Supply

Maxworld portable power station
Maxworld portable power station

It is powerful enough to recharge smartphone 27 times, Mini Tablet 11.5 times, and Floodlight 56 times when it’s fully charged. Perfect mobile power station for home / camping / CPAP / laptop / cameras / drones.

Maxworld portable power station


  • What’s important in choosing a portable power generator?
  • One of the features that make up a portable power generator is the lightweight design, with which people can carry the generator outside without worry. The wattage a battery-powered generator produces determines the items it can power. Before you order a portable power generator, make sure of the power requirements of the products you want to power. From mobile phones and cars to solar panels, Maxworld portable power generator is your best choice no matter what products you want to power.
  • Why should I buy a portable power station?
  • With high and stable power output, battery-powered generators bring you convenience if you need to power your electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, household appliances, and even solar panels. Some power generators over 1000w can even be used for heaters. Being small in size and easy to transport, a portable power generator makes it easy to carry outside like camping, in case of power outages.
  • What are portable power alternatives to batteries?
  • A battery-powered generator makes it easy to power your devices wherever you are. With high-capacity LiFePO4 battery built-in and compatible SLA battery housing outside, portable power generators do really well in power delivery and portability. Inside LiFePO4 batteries provide backup power during a power blackout and the housing protects it from any hurt.
  • How to find the best portable power stations?
  • A power station enables you to explore outside with your devices worry-free. To find the best battery-powered generators, you should think about what you want them to do. For a portable power generator, the higher the watt-hour and mAh rating, the higher the station capacity. The higher your power needs, the higher the watt rating power station you should choose. Also, remember to take the weight, and USB outlets into consideration.
  • How long do power stations last?
  • It depends on the power station you buy. Generally, a higher capacity power station can power for a longer time than a common capacity one. However, most of the power stations have a battery charge that can last from three to thirteen hours. The more devices and the higher power of devices being charged, the shorter the power station can last.
  • What are the benefits of portable power stations?
  • A power station is a rechargeable battery-based power generator powering your electronic devices while you’re away from the power supply. No matter what your devices are, most power station offers AC outlets, USB A, and USB Type-C, to fit your devices. The lightweight power station allows you to carry it outside with no worries.

Maxworld prides on our excellent R&D team and strong creativity, with the most advanced facilities, strict ISO standard manufacturing process, efficient management, and the awareness of being a leader in the battery industry, committed to manufacturing and designing LiFePO4 and lithium batteries and integrated battery packs for green energy storage systems. Focuses on lead-acid batteries to replace green energy, and provides the best battery solutions for solar energy storage systems, 48V systems for telecommunication stations, 12 or 24V marine and RV energy systems, and so on.