About Maxworld ®

Maxworld Power Technology Co., Ltd is a lithium battery & energy storage solutions provider with 30+ years experience in lithium battery manufacturing field.

Port City

Convenient delivery and greatly shorten the freight cycle.

Amazing Teams

R & D team, quality inspection team and production team are the core guarantee of our product competitiveness

Customer preferences

After a long time of market training, we have been recognized by customers, and many customers have become our loyal partners.

Common progress

Look forward to your joining and looking forward to the future together.

Sustainable and healthy development

As a leader in China’s lithium battery manufacturing industry, We have spent more than 30 years practicing the corporate philosophy of healthy and sustainable development.Environmental protection is more important than creating enterprise profits!


Who We Are

Jayden Lu


Jasmine Cui

General Manager

Johnson Cheung

Chief Engineer

Lucas Nasser

Marketing Director


Our Mission & Vision


Let the wider application of aluminum lithium iron phosphate batteries replace the damage to the natural environment caused by old chemical batteries


Become the world’s top lithium battery energy storage solutions provider and promote the development of global new energy in a healthier mode for a long time.


With continuous technical investment, we want to develop safer, more durable, ultra-high energy efficiency lithium battery and become the top energy storage solutions provider.


We try our best to provide each customer with the most suitable lithium battery use scheme and related products, and can provide efficient service at the first time when customers need service

Our Partners

Here, at Maxworld Technologies, we place great value on the relationships we have with our corporate partners.

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